Active Outdoor Spain Tours

Whilst the focus of the vacations we arrange tends to be cultural, we cater for all those who seek to be active on their vacations. Here are just a few activity options for you:


Whether in the Pyrenees, the Picos de Europa (northern Spain), the Alpujarras (south of Granada) or any other mountain range, we work with fully qualified hiking guides. For those seeking “lighter” hikes, we can arrange these almost anywhere. All the main cities in Spain have good hiking options a short distance away and there are many great walks from the doorstep of hotels, for example in San Sebastian. One of our favorite and most popular areas with clients seeking spectacular scenery is the area around Ronda, where again we have some highly experienced guides.

The Camino de Santiago is one of our strong points too. Pilgrims have trodden "St. James' Way" for centuries bound for Santiago de Compostela. We are fortunate to have a true expert on the Camino de Santiago in our office; a former guide for many years along this route. Special access to unique characters and places, as well as a good walk!


As with hiking, we can arrange a wide variety of biking experiences throughout Spain, anything from a city tour of Sevilla by bike to more rural experiences, either on mountain bike or racing bikes. For those who seek a mini biking break within their vacation, we can arrange a a 2-day Biking & Gastronomy Tour in Rural Catalonia.


Whether golf is the reason to come to Spain or being in Spain is the reason for golf, we can arrange personalized golf packages. Almost all of our clients come for a cultural tour of Spain, yet they often like to include a day or two of quality golf. We recommend courses as per your itinerary and arrange tee-off times at prestigious courses such as Valderrama. Who say you can’t enjoy a game of golf either side of a visit to the Alhambra and an historic winery tour?

Private Sailing Charters

Ideal for a large family or small group traveling to the Balearic islands. We can also arrange on the Costa Brava and the southern coast of Spain.


Surfing, which hit the Basque coast in 1956 has rapidly became a tradition here in its own right. We can also organize kayaking and other water sports. Ideal for families with teenagers.

Hot Air Ballooning

At the foot of Pyrenees, over Segovia, rural Andalucia…, there are many spectacular locations for ballooning so if you’ve a head for heights, let us know and we’ll include ballooning on your itinerary.


Opportunities all over Spain but we would tend to recommend ‘light’ horse-riding excursions in Andalucia. For horse-lovers, also see the section “& much more

Formula 1

Imagine being able to go at extreme speeds along a track that the most famous drivers of the world have driven... With Madrid & Beyond you can do just that. Experience the thrill and adrenalin of Formula 1 with nothing but you, the car, and an open track.


Not the most creative of experiences but it can provide so much fun, especially to families and young-at-heart couples. Worth considering when children may prefer a less culturally focused private visit. We work with the best outfits in each city.